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With thousands of online affiliate marketing opportunities to choose from, it can be a challenge to find top affiliate programs. The markets for the very best affiliate marketing programs are often over-saturated, making it hard to carve out a niche.

The alternative, however, is to spend much energy developing a product of your own. Considering all the work that this entails, most of us would rather keep looking for a decent affiliate company.

My goal for this site is simple – if I find something great, I’ll share it with you. Today I’m looking at Four Percent by Vic Strizheus.

Is it a good program to join? Will you make money if you stick with it? In this post, I’ll give you those answers and a few more.

What is Four Percent?

The Four Percent is a community committed to helping people create the business of their dreams. The programs are all designed to teach you how to be self-sufficient at running your business without having to depend on the four percent.

You will learn how to make money online by using sales funnels and affiliate marketing. It centers on making money by selling someone else’s product or even selling your own.

How Does Four Percent Work?

The company has evolved over time. Previously, there were three challenge levels. You signed up and started with the Level One challenge. During this stage, you learned everything that you needed to create a working funnel and earn income from affiliate marketing.

Presently, instead of running funnels, the four percent has become a mammoth collection of resources on how to run traffic, build a tribe, market like a pro, and much more.

There were several modules that were sold ala cart that taught each aspect of running a business. Now that model has evolved into signing up once and you get access to everything.

  • Traffic Generation

  • List Building

  • Sales & Conversions

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Money & Finance

  • Influence & Persuasion

  • Outsourcing & Leverage

  • Tech & System

  • E-Commerce

  • Estage and much more

The current offering is called Success Challenge for Affiliate Marketing 3.0. This is a 30-day program where you will learn to make $5000 per month at the end of the training. 

There is one piece of this program I have never seen offered by anyone else. Creating the success mindset. While every other guru pours in strategies and tactics, the Four Percent wants to build you and your business. Here is a sample excerpt.


The Four Percent Community

The training is excellent, but the community also adds a lot of value. Sign up to the Facebook group and other social media sites, and you'll learn more. You’ll be able to interact with members from all over the globe and get some great advice and support from them.

If you’re confused about anything on the site, contact the customer service department through email or instant chat. They’re highly responsive and very helpful.

Who is Vick Strizheus?

To answer that question thoroughly could take some time. Vick isn't your classic rags to riches story. His family was secure financially, but there wasn't much money for extras. He grew up in Ukraine and then moved to the United States as a tween.

He had a tough time initially because he didn’t speak English. He quickly learned, and the struggle to integrate taught him to be resilient.

He worked as a janitor and wanted to better his life. At 19, he was selling insurance and seeing how the other half lived. He envied their lifestyle, and this envy caused him to make a bone-headed move. He wrote up fake sales so that the company would pay him commissions he didn't deserve.

He went on to found his own business and started earning the money that he wanted to. His past caught up with him, and he lost it all. He was sentenced to a ninety-day work release program.

Why am I telling you this?

It’s simple. Google the names Vick Strizheus and Four Percent, and you're bound to find someone claiming that it's a scam. Just read through the articles, and you'll see that they refer to his "checkered past."

You'll also notice that they're often promoting a different affiliate marketing opportunity or some other form of training.

The point is that Vick learned a lesson from that event. That’s why he doesn’t make outrageous promises that he can’t keep.

Is Four Percent Legit?

Yes, as long as you understand what you're going to get. The expectation is to build a business not just make money.  Making money online isn't easy. You'll learn the tools that you need, the mindset, and how to apply them, then you will have to take it from there.

Whatever you think about Vick's past, he's a sought-after trainer, public speaker, and coach. He's successful because he's developed the right mindset. He doesn't let setbacks stop him, and he never gives up. Throughout his courses, he tries to instill that mindset.

He gives practical advice that'll help you build your business. What he doesn't do is go into extensive detail with every step. Some people want that, "Fill in your name," and then "Click on Submit" kind of advice. These people want the information spoon-fed, and that's the opposite of what Vick tries to teach. This course teaches you to be self-reliant so that you can deal with problems after the class is over.

You'll notice that Vick is always coming up with new ideas. You'll see things change on the site frequently as he fine-tunes his ideas. Be patient as these ideas become reality and you can profit tenfold as a result.

Taking away the Four Percent challenge levels was one thing that upset some users. To understand, you have to get into Vick's mindset. Online marketing is a fluid field. If you don't always strive for the next big thing, you'll soon be yesterday's news.

Vick’s been in this game for more than 13 years now, and he understands it well. Be aware going in that things will change rapidly on the site. Take notes, because you’ll learn a lot by watching these changes.

The company has a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating on TrustPilot, so the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The company is definitely not a scam.


Is Four Percent the right opportunity for you? It might be if you're willing to follow the steps. Vick is very clear about how this works. The majority of people don’t have the drive to see it through to the end.

What sets Four Percent apart is that there's a section that deals with motivation as well. Many systems out there focus on creating the "blueprint for success" but then leave their clients hanging. This program incorporates training to help you develop a winning mindset.

In my book, that’s what makes it one of the best affiliate marketing programs today.